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Own your own Business, be you own Boss alongside the Worlds #1 Glass protective coating Brand Name, “EziCleen”

EziCleen has been the leaders in the service industry field glass protective coatings for almost 20 years. EziCleen is a trademark protected company and is 100% Australian owned and operated. It had its humble beginnings in 1992. Since then, EziCleen have developed a reputation for delivering revolutionary surface treatments along with maintaining superior levels of customer service. All EziCleen applicators in Australia hold professional accreditation to apply Diamon-Fusion® patent protected products that offer a lifetime warranty.

Our applicator/License model has been working for 10 years with more than 36 applicators around Australia. As we have now added more territories to the company, we are looking for enthusiastic and motivated individuals to join our existing teams around all states within Australia. As a fully trained and licensed applicator, the EziCleen package is created to provide the tools, training and full support required to apply this world recognised lifetime nanotechnology.

There is an unending quantity of glass as in windows, pool fencing, showers, splashbacks, either residential or commercial, solar panel, just to name a few that are waiting for our protective coating to be applied. One of our most common asks is “How can I keep my showers clean?”. Therefore, as part the licencing model, our other core service is glass restoration, we make that old glass look brand new again!

The benefits of “EziCleen Surface Protection” are

  • up to 90% less cleaning time, which in turn saves on labour costs for residential or commercial jobs
  • Glass will remain looking new as the first day it was installed
  • Creates a more hygienic environment
  • Water and oils repel off the glass once treated
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Once treated, the glass will be 20% more brilliant, will also be scratch and chip resistant

To become part of the EziCleen team, industry experience is not essential as you will be fully trained by our experienced trainers in your area. You will obtain your own exclusive territory which you can advertise and market in. The Licensee package costs between ($8,900 – $20,000) including training, other tools and materials needed. Remember, as we work off a licencing model, not a franchise model, there are no hidden costs. Also, other than finding your own customers, you will be supplied with ongoing leads within your territory.

Speak to our licensing manager Daniela Davies today on 0402 797 987 for more information or email danni@ezicleen.com.au

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