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Diamond Fusion Warranty

diamon-fusion-logoEzicleen-Diamon-Fusion® treated shower screens are guaranteed to remain more water repellent than untreated glass for the lifetime of the glass as long as basic manufacturer maintenance recommendations are followed and no harsh or abrasive cleaners are used.
Diamond Fusion’s patented nano-coating chemically bonds to the glass and creates a patented, protective nanofilm that when properly applied by an authorized applicator, is guaranteed not to haze, chip, crack, peel, or discolor for the life time of the glass.


Sure Seal Warranty

sss_logo_smallEzicleen-Sure Seal® treated surfaces are guaranteed to remain more water repellent (hydrophobic) and oil repellant (oleo-phobic) than untreated surfaces for 20 years in domestic premises and up to 10 years in commercial premises.




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