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Lifetime Warranty

We do what other companies don’t. We back our products 100% AND dare to protect you with our long lasting warranty.

Less Cleaning

Following your glass restoration and a simple EziCleen Surface Protect application, you can enjoy up to 90% less cleaning time and effort.

Great Investment

Why Replace when you can Restore with guaranteed results. In most cases we can restore your existing water stained glass for less than a third of the cost of replacing your glass.

Glass Restoration

Is your glass water stained, looks cloudy, it just won’t clean up no matter how hard you scrub? Once upon a time you would just put up with it, or if you had the spare cash you would replace the screen with new glass. WELL NOT ANY MORE!

The EziCleen Glass Restoration process is a simple and cost effective alternative to installing new glass. In most cases, for a fraction of the glass replacement cost, we can restore your glass to brand new without any distortion whatever.

We can restore your shower screen glass, pool fencing, balustrade or window glass, we can restore it to look brand new again. Once we complete our glass restoration service we recommend you treat your glass with Ezicleen Surface Protection, this will permanently prevent similar issues re-occurring in the future and reduce your cleaning time and effort by up to 90%.

Why Choose EziCleen

  • We offer lifetime warranty
  • Environmentally friendly products
  • We keep supporting you year after year
  • Our product is patent protected
  • We offer satisfaction guarantee
  • Friendly phone & email support
  • Over 15 years in the industry
  • No.1 Surface Protection in Australia



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With our Glass Restoration service you Will…

Save Time & Money
Replacing your current glass panel can be costly. Not to mention the labour required for dismantling and refitting. Glass restoration is a cost effective solution with guaranteed results.
Reduce cleaning time
Following your glass restoration we highly recommend you treat the surface with our protective coating, this will prevent any water staining in the future and reduce your cleaning time and effort by up to 90%.
Protect your asset for the future
Our glass restoration and protection service will give you the peace of mind knowing that your surface is protected against water staining and corrosion for the lifetime of the glass. 
Shower Screen Restoration
Glass Restoration 1 EziCleen
Glass Repair EziCleen
Glass Restoration EziCleen

Read what some of our clients say about us…

Absolutely Fantastic! Thank you for the transformation of our shower and courtyard, which are now back to their original state and glistening with rich colour and now with a coating of EziCleen to ease the cleaning maintenance going forward.
Selwyn and Sharon
Just wanted to say a big thank you for such a great product and the A1 service. Phil was great to deal with. We had the shower glass and skylights treated and they have never been the same since.No more spotting and cleaning the shower is now a breeze.
Nelson Serrao
We would happily recommend your product and services to others. It is a rare pleasure these days to deal with trade and service professionals who arrive on time, offer great service, do exactly what they promise and leave you happy with the whole experience.
Iain and Allana
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