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15 Year Warranty

We do what other companies don’t. We back our products 100% AND dare to protect you with our long lasting warranty.

Less Cleaning

With only one simple EziCleen Tile and Stone treatment, you can enjoy up to 90% less cleaning time and effort.

Great Investment

The EziCleen Tile and Stone treatment will protect your interior tile and stone surfaces and make them last longer and look better for years to come.

Stone and Bench Top Protection Sealer

EziCleen Tile and Stone Benchtop Sealers are designed for all engineered and natural stone surfaces. Our unique water-based sealers do not affect the natural appearance of  your beautiful stone or tile surface, after our treatment they will look and feel just as Mother Nature intended, whilst giving superior protection against water and oil based stains including efflorescence, mould, mildew and algae.

Our superior penetrating sealers work perfectly for all interior tile and stone surfaces including, Marble, Granite, Caesar, Porcelain, Travertine and other porous or dense polished masonry surfaces. The coating itself is environmental friendly, will not chip, fade or yellow.

We can say with confidence it is the most effective water-based product available. It is invisible upon application and maintains the natural look, feel and texture of the stone. It provides years of supreme protection!

Why Choose EziCleen

  • We offer lifetime warranty
  • Environmentally friendly products
  • We keep supporting you year after year
  • Our product is patent protected
  • We offer satisfaction guarantee
  • Friendly phone & email support
  • Over 15 years in the industry
  • No.1 Surface Protection in Australia



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Our Stone Treatment and Protection Will ….

Extend the life of your stone benchtops and household tiles 
Ezicleen treated surfaces resist the damaging effects of water and oil penetration while at the same time are a preventative to mould and algae attacks. Our unique sealers allow the natural stone to breath-out any trapped moisture, a dry stone is a healthy stone that will prolong the life significantly.
Reduce Maintenance
Once treated with Ezicleen your surface will be water and oil repellant, less contaminates on the surface means a quicker and easier clean up when the need arises, in fact up to 90% easier and quicker. 
Give you Peace of Mind
In most cases all our surface treatments come with a 15 year warranty, we guarantee our coating won’t chip, peel, discolour or fade and remain more water and oil repellant than an untreated surface for the duration of the warranty period. 
Stone Protection
Granite Protection
Sandstone Treated
Granite Treated

Read what some of our clients say about us…

Absolutely Fantastic! Thank you for the transformation of our shower and courtyard, which are now back to their original state and glistening with rich colour and now with a coating of EziCleen to ease the cleaning maintenance going forward.
Selwyn and Sharon
Just wanted to say a big thank you for such a great product and the A1 service. Phil was great to deal with. We had the shower glass and skylights treated and they have never been the same since.No more spotting and cleaning the shower is now a breeze.
Nelson Serrao
We would happily recommend your product and services to others. It is a rare pleasure these days to deal with trade and service professionals who arrive on time, offer great service, do exactly what they promise and leave you happy with the whole experience.
Iain and Allana
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