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EziCleen Surface Protection South Australian

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Who is EziCleen Surface Protection?

EziCleen is an Australian Business that specialize in “World Best” environmentally friendly advanced surface treatments that restore, protect and seal a wide variety of interior and exterior surfaces.

This includes residential homes, apartments, commercial properties, business premises, plus the marine and auto industries.

Why Choose EziCleen

  • We offer lifetime warranty
  • Environmentally friendly products
  • We keep supporting you year after year
  • Our product is patent protected
  • We offer satisfaction guarantee
  • Friendly phone & email support
  • Over 15 years in the industry
  • No.1 Surface Protection in Australia

Why have your Property Surface Protected?

  • All household surfaces will deteriorate over time.
  • Surface Protection will minimise the process and restore, protect and seal the surface.
  • Surfaces will look better and last much longer.
  • It will maintain the value of your asset and property.
  • This will mean far less maintenance costs in the future.

Let’s get social

Glass Restoration and Glass Surface Protection – Click here for our Marketing Flyer (PDF)
Stone Protection – Inside and Outside Surfaces – Click here for our Marketing Flyer (PDF)


EziCleen uses around the Household

  • Glass/Shower Screen/tiles restoration & cleaning;
  • Glass surface protection with Diamon Fusion;
  • Vanity Basins and bathtubs;
  • Toilet bowls;
  • Bathroom tiles;
  • Kitchen splash backs;
  • Kitchen tiles;
  • Marble Tabletops;
  • Outdoor Stone & Paving Protection;
  • Interior Stone Protection;
  • Glass Pool Fencing;
  • Glass balustrades

Territory Available

Adelaide North Salisbury & Playford

Our Team

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